To our valued customers,

We are keen to not only serve your finance needs, but also make every effort to provide our services in a safe and secure manner.

Given the heightened cyber-crime environment in Australia and recent cyber attacks affecting other Australian businesses, we wanted to provide some guidance on how to protect against the cyber-criminals when dealing with our business. This guidance can also apply to dealing with other businesses that assist you in some way.

  • The most important “golden rule” is that if you receive something in writing which seems suspicious – whether that be email, text or a letter – particularly if it is asking you to ‘click here’ or take any other action, please always give us a phone call to talk about it and check whether we, or any other business you deal with, actually sent it to you.
  • Tell-tales signs that something is suspicious can sometimes include:
  • Unprofessional emails with typos and poor grammar and/or a strange tone which you wouldn’t expect from us; and/or
  • Unexpected requests or demands that you urgently take action. Examples of this could be a request to click on a link, provide more personal information or transfer money (more on that in a moment).
  • Any unexpected request relating to transferring money or changing the bank account details which funds are transferred to, should be treated with extreme caution. As above, if you receive such as request and don’t feel right about it, please pick up the phone and have a chat with us before actioning any request.
  • Enhancing your personal cyber-security by:
    • enabling multi-factor authentication on your own social media, applications and devices;
    • keeping your passwords secure; and
    • using malware and virus protection software on your devices, will also increase your own protection against cyber-criminals.

We hope the above is helpful for you, and we look forward to assisting you with your finance needs whenever you need us.

Kind regards,

Tony Haworth

Founder & Partner Broker
AAP Finance Brokers


Latitude Financial cyber attack notice

AAP Finance Brokers have had our personal data which at most includes our accreditation credentials. This does not include any loans data for our clients because AAP Finance Group has not issued any of our clients with a Latitude Financial loan.

What does this mean for you?

None of our client personal data has been leaked due to the Latitude Financial cyber attack however this is an important reminder to always practise safety precautions to protect against the cyber-criminals when dealing with our business or any other business. We have provided some guidance about this on our website.

AAP Finance Brokers were accredited to issue loans from Latitude Financial and to-date we have not issued any loans to our clients from this lender.

The privacy and security of our clients is our priority and therefore we will not be issuing loans from Latitude Financial at this time.


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