Community - AAP Finance Brokers


We understand that when we invest or operate a successful business our purpose is to make money. At AAP Finance Brokers we also understand that to be an active participant in the local community we also need to give back, whether that is donating money, hiring local people who need a start in life, or volunteering our time and services.

We would like to share with you what we do in our Community and if you need some assistance in this area please contact us.


The AAP Finance Brokers Group will donate a percentage of fees and commission earned to local charities at the discretion of the firms directors. As we grow we will publish those charity’s that we provide support. If you wish to contribute to the same charities please let us know and we would be happy to facilitate your donation with the right people.


From time to time we come into contact with individuals or businesses who need a helping hand. This generally involves reviewing their personal or business financial position, making key recommendations, and guiding them to the right outcomes. As we take time to develop our business, we will showcase individuals and businesses that have been helped by AAP Finance Brokers.

Groups we support

AAP Finance Brokers are proud to support the following community groups and organisations: