Our Client Promise - AAP Finance Brokers

Our Client Promise

Making sure our standards are met on the front line and innovating in response to market trends, is where it really counts! Our promise to you:

Present the most competitive finance products, best suited to your needs

The loan product that will be more prosperous for you is not just about the interest rate at the time.

We will consider your circumstance, timeframe and credit you are seeking, along with our insight into financial market trends, plus business, corporate and retail operations.

The most competitive and best suited finance products will be presented to you with concise breakdowns on: Total payback amount, principal, costs, and any fees.

Your advantage is having financial experts broker your loan! We deliver on our promise here utilising our professional negotiation skills, with our extensive network of reputable lending institutes and our commitment to servicing you.

Transparent always in our dealings with you

We will always outline to you upfront; any potential fees, commissions or referrer fees from service providers including for insurance or accounting.

We are committed to building trusted long-term relationships; therefore, transparency is essential. Our portfolio of long-term customers is our testament of this.

Direct contact with your Broker

Each of our branches provide you direct access to your Broker who understands your local community and will offer advice to assist you in achieving your financial goals.

Your Broker will also direct your lending requirements each time you work with us. Therefore, our Brokers personally understand your circumstances and needs to provide an efficient and effective service.

Broker a loan, with NO bias or obligation to Banks or lending institutions

AAP Finance Brokers is your personal banking partner that is NOT owned by the banks!

We are a finance and brokering service that only services your best interests (our customers). Your success is our success.

You will save time and money working with us!

There are literally hundreds of loan products on the market, and new ones launching every day! Dealing daily with lending institutions, we are up to date on the latest and most competitive.

We save you time, we do the research and present you only with the ideal products best suited for you. Efficiently, we summarise what’s often complex and lengthy loan documents into concise features & benefits. So you can feel confident in making an efficient well-informed decision.

We save you money by advising you on effective lending strategies and best suited lending products to achieve your goals. You can make more financially savvy decisions when working with us and avoid costly lending mistakes.

You gain direct access to the knowledge of our finance experts, to advise you on your own finance decisions. (Our Brokers have over 200+ years combined senior leadership positions, managing; lending transactions across Australia and Asia Pacific).