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Invoice or Debtor Financing

Invoice Finance can reduce your working capital pressures by providing same day funding on outstanding invoices. Depending on the lender, Invoice Financing can enhance your business growth by allowing you to access up to 80% of your invoices by the next working day.

If you are looking for a product that will accelerate your business growth and add value to your day to day operations, an invoice finance solution may be right for you.

The key benefits are:

  • Flexible funding option that leverages your sales and reduces the reliance on traditional forms of security (i.e. property).
  • Finance that can grow with your sales turnover.
  • Manage cash flow without offering ‘early payment’ discounts to customers.
  • Find capacity to cover unexpected seasonal demand.
  • Free up personal property.

Generally, most lenders will offer this type of product for businesses with minimum turnover requirements, and debtor books. Please consult us if you are interested in this type of product.