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Business Strategy & Planning

Business Strategy and Planning is the very foundation of any business whether it is a ongoing concern, a start up, a small, medium or large operation.

Everyone from the business owner to the employee, needs to understand what direction the business will take, how long will it take to get there, and if the income stream is possible or sustainable.

Unfortunately too many businesses don’t have a plan and a direction, leading to potentially costly mistakes, and customer loss.

At AAP Finance Brokers, we have the experience to help your business grow. With experience in previously establishing the ANZ Business Bank in Vietnam, to providing a new business model for a start up party plan jewellery business, we have a diverse range of skills to help build your business and grow your income.

Farm Debt Mediation

For our Agriculture clients we can be involved in Farm Debt Mediation which involves a structured negotiation process in which the mediator, as a neutral and independent person, assists the farmer and the creditor to communicate effectively, to resolve matters relating to farm debts, and to formalise that resolution in an agreement.

Franchise Purchase Review.

If you are thinking about working through a franchise, we have the expertise to run through your cashflow numbers and comparing these to actual sales, processes, and if a well-known brand organise the finance. This also includes whether you have sufficient cashflow, and funds to cover potential upgrades to your store.