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Why the Chinese are investing in Australia

Why the Chinese are investing in Australia
We met a prospective client called Wuzhong, one of the largest property developers in China. They are keen to replicate their capability into Australia, particular in the Eastern states. Wuzhong have built most of the residential apartments in their city of Suzhou, a city located approx. 1.5 hours from Shanghai or 25 minutes by fast train. We have been asked to assist in the funding of mortgages for Chinese investors of their first development in Melbourne, that is a mix of residential land and house packages and 3 bedroom townhouses. Why Australia we asked Dr Sheng Huang, Assistant President of Wuzhong? His reply was clean environment, lifestyle, Australia had no history of civil wars or declaring war, stable government, and the ability to buy freehold as all property in China has a 99 year lease.


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