隨着新产品的不断推出, 市场上已有超过一百多种金融产品. We can recommend a loan for your particular needs, help you to complete the paperwork, professionally package it with your supporting documents and submit it to your chosen lender. If you want to do some homework first, pop your details into the clever loan option tool or work out monthly or fortnightly repayments with our calculator. When you’re ready, get in touch with us to discuss the next steps.


Standard variable loans are the most popular home loan in Australia. Interest rates go up or down over the life off the loan depending on the official rate set by the Reserve Bank of Australia and funding costs. Your regular repayments pay off both the interest and some of the principal. You can also choose a basic variable loan, which offers a discounted interest rate but has fewer loan features, such as a redraw facility and repayment flexibility.



The interest rate is fixed for a certain period, usually the first one to five years of the loan. This means your regular repayments stay the same regardless of changes in interest rates. At the end of the fixed period you can decide whether to fix the rate again, at whatever rate lenders are offering, or move to a variable loan.



您可以到付,并从您的住房贷款,每月收回, 只要你保持经常要求还款. 很多人选择支付他们的工资到信用卡账户的行. This type of loan is good for people who want to maximise their income to pay off their mortgage quickly and/or who want maximum flexibility in their access to funds.



最初设计为首次置业者, 但更广泛,现已, 介绍贷款提供贴现利率上半年到 12 个月, 之前的速度恢复到平时的浮动利率.



你报答只能在通常的第一个五年贷款借款之利息, 虽然有些贷款人提供更长期限. 因为你还没有还清本金, 您的每月还款额较低. 在只付息期结束, 你开始支付利息及本金. 这些贷款是与投资者谁打算还清本金物业出售时特别受欢迎, 已实现资本增长.


Split Rate

Your loan amount is split, so one part is variable, and the other is fixed. You decide on the proportion of variable and fixed. You enjoy some of the flexibility of a variable loan along with the certainty of a fixed rate loan.



流行的自雇人士, 这些贷款需要比大多数文件较少的收入或证明, 但往往承载更高的利率或要求,因为知觉较高贷款风险较大的存款. 在大多数情况下,你会富裕起来聚聚完整文档的另一种类型的贷款. 但是,如果这是不可能的, 低文件贷款可能是一个不错的选择,以确保你所需要的资金.



A reverse mortgage allows those who are over 65 years of age to unlock the equity in their property to improve their lifestyle during retirement. Defer repayments until you no longer live in your home.