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Property Buying Hints

Hint 1 – Start researching

Too many people buy on a whim. That’s great when it comes to buying an electrical appliance, or taking and overseas holiday. However buying property is one of the biggest purchase and finance decisions of your life. Make sure you research before entering the market, know what is happening around the area from public transport, access to hospitals and schools, to where the closest shopping centres and supermarkets are. Then start looking at what you can afford.

Hint 2 – Before buying make sure you have pre-approved finance

This is a great question and we think can go horribly wrong if you don’t do your home work before buying particularly if you are going to auction. Many of the lenders can give you pre approved finance knowing that you have the confidence to buy a property before sale date. Also try to go for the maximum borrowing as you may be competing with other buyers on purchase day.

Hint 3 – Ensure you have all costs covered

When you are buying a property make sure you have allowed for stamp duty, registration and mortgage costs, up front bank fees plus legal and accounting costs.

Hint 4 – Get good tax advice

Use a good accountant to get good tax advice. Many don’t want to spend the hourly fee to get the advice, however you could save thousands on having the right tax structure, particularly if you are buying an invest property or building a share portfolio.

Hint 5 – Look for growth

Check out Council and State Government planning before you buy a property, so you can see what infrastructure is going to be built. It may be worth buying into an area 2 or 3 years before infrastructure is built to take advantage of future capital growth.

Hint 6 – Capital Growth or Yield?

Before starting your investment portfolio, know what your investment position is. Are you looking to buy for growth, then don’t invest for the long term and take advantage of capital growth. If your strategy is yield then start looking at buying property with good rental income, and enough to cover your repayments.