Over 1.1M millionaires now in Australia

Over 1.1M millionaires now in Australia

Over 1.1M Australian millionaires – the highest proportion in the World!

Credit Suisse has just issued their Global Wealth Report for 2013 with Australia having the highest proportion of the population then any other country in the world with net worth above US$100,000 at 62.6%. Australia’s US dollar millionaires rose by 38000 from 2012 to 1.123M this year, representing 6.8% of the population. It is larger then the US at 5.5% and China at 0.1%. Switzerland is the leading country at 10%. Why us? Higher property prices, growth in the share market plus many Australian’s having significant wealth locked up in Super, has all given us a lift over the past 12 months.


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