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Need a holiday home after the holiday!

Need a holiday home after the holiday!

Australians love to get away from home over the summer break. Its this time when we look at making an impulsive decision and buy the holiday forever! There are pro’s – such as having a place to stay every holiday, furnishing it to your tastes, bringing some very happy memories along the way, and having unlimited access to the home all year round. It is also a place where we can look at staying during our retirement. If it is well located then you should achieve potential capital growth. However finding a site close to a beach within 2 hours drive of a major city is not cheap and in most cases holiday homes can be empty most of the year if you don’t use it. So if you are buying a property primarily as an investment to make money then don’t buy a holiday home! Go buy one in a major city and enjoy a holiday from the return!


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