Management Profile

Often we seek financial investment advice from an accountant or a financial planner. It is no different in talking to us when it comes to your lending requirements.

Our business is built on experience, independence and transparency. All too often you hear of stories where great sums of money have been lost through poor advice or a supposedly get quick rich scheme. We are here to ensure this doesn’t happen to you. Given our 150 plus years in the banking industry we believe we are a safe pair of hands when looking after your lending arrangements.

We complete and review lending proposals everyday, and know what the latest interest rates, fees and structures are that not only suit your personal needs but can save you time and money.

Were here to help you.

Local Partners

Tony Haworth – Founder and Partner

Tony brings an extensive commercial, residential and risk banking background, that commenced in 1985, and has since led him to work across 5 country’s including Australia, Cook Islands, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. Over this time he has undertaken several senior management regional roles for ANZ Bank that allowed him to gain valuable detailed insights into the Asian, European, and US markets.

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Phone: +61 0417 087 187

Gayle Stapleton – Partner

Gayle has 30 years experience in the finance sector and has worked across Australia (Qld, NSW and Victoria) and seven countries in the South Pacific – Vanuatu, Samoa, New Caledonia, Tonga, Guam, Cook Islands and Papua New Guinea.

She works with Investors, Business Owners, Expatriates and Foreign Non-Residents to assist them build property investment and wealth portfolios via intelligent, personalised and well structured lending.

For more information about Gayle, see her Linkedin Profile.
Phone: +61 426 952 385

Glen Stortenbeker – Partner

Glen is passionate in assisting businesses and individuals achieve their financial goals. He brings an extensive commercial, residential and risk banking background, that commenced in 1985. A financial services professional with over thirty years banking experience spanning Regional, Emerging Corporate, Commercial, and Retail client segments.

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Phone: +61 422 006 802

Nick Withford – Partner

I have now reached the 30 year mark in the Banking & Finance Industry. My career covers a very broad spectrum of roles, industries and geographies from ‘Retail’ to ‘Commercial & Corporate’ segments and associated customers, with current Regional role including both ‘Commercial’ and ‘Agribusiness’.

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Phone: 0434 072 625

Stephen Bynon – Partner

Steve has 35+ years’ experience in Banking & Finance. A financial services professional with deep experiences with clients covering several sectors such as, Corporate, Emerging Corporate Property finance and construction lending, Regional & commercial Businesses clients, and Retail clients.

Steve is passionate about ensuring customers receive the appropriate products and lending facilities. This is only achieved by taking the time to understand the customer’s needs & goals.

For more information about Steve, visit his Linkedin Profile.
Phone: +61 402 791 288