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Investor Beware

Investor Beware

I was listening to the local radio today and an advertisement came on to talk about a wealth seminar where you can pay your home off within 10 years by buying investment properties, negatively gearing these, and I am assuming that tax refunds would pay off the home loan. If it were this easy we would all be doing this, but unfortunately many people have been burnt by this and will again. My advice is not to do it. The downsides to this strategy are that property prices can go back down leaving you exposed to not being able to sell your properties or leaving you with a significant shortfall, and if interest rates do go up, it could mean a hefty monthly bill on your mortgage repayments. If you are wanting to invest in property, don’t look at how much tax you can save first, look for a return on your investment, and above all else consult your accountant and financial broker to deliver the right structure that suits your needs and income.


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