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Types of Insurance

1. Home and Contents Insurance with Allianz Australia

As a valued client of AAP Finance Brokers Pty Ltd, you get special offers not provided with other competitors. For a limited time only we offer:

  • When you purchase an Allianz home insurance policy, you get free building insurance cover for up to 90 days during the settlement period, upon purchasing a new property.
  • For refinanced properties, you get up to 10% off an Allianz home insurance policy.

Why choose our offer?

  • Easy application process – call us and provide a copy of your insurance policy and we will work with Allianz and do the rest.
  • Affordable prices with flexible payment options
  • A 30% no claim bonus for home owner insurance (terms and conditions apply)
  • Bundle your building and contents cover to receive a further discount (terms and conditions apply)
  • Fast and easy claims process.

2. Landlords Insurance for Investment Property’s

Landlord’s insurance provides standard building and contents cover plus cover for theft or malicious damage to the property by tenants and covers loss of rent in certain circumstances.  It also covers the owner’s liability (e.g. if a tradesperson is injured while working in the property).  Landlord’s insurance is an affordable extra safeguard and strongly recommended for all investors.

3. Business Insurance

AAP Finance Brokers Pty Ltd is not licensed to offer Business Insurance however we do recommend highly experienced and well known Business Insurance Brokers who have the expertise to help you as the business owner, your key people, and the business assets well covered.

4. Trauma, Personal and Disability Cover

We recommend that all borrowers obtain Trauma, Personal, and Disability Cover (TPD) for you and your loved ones. Whilst death is inevitable, unforeseen events such as sickness, disability, accidental and overseas hospitalisation can occur, giving you peace of mind for you, your family, and if you are a business owner provides employees with continuation of operations.

This is a specialised field that requires certain expertise. Please call us and we will refer to an appropriate, well regarded insurance broker to get the best advice.

5. Motor Vehicle Insurance

Buying a car can be one of your mostly costly purchases given the ongoing on road costs and service of the vehicle. In teaming up with Allianz we can offer competitive pricing that can reduce your month to month costs. It’s absolutely free to get you a quote!