出口 & 输入

Over the past 15 至 20 岁月, we have seen an increase of products being manufactured or sold in overseas markets. Most notably this has occurred in China, where it has transitioned to a broad capitalised based market, allowing the Asia Pacific region to be more economically closer and entwined.

Given the economic growth in these markets, and the ability to produce goods and services much more cheaply then in Australia, it is more then likely that if you are either in the service, retail, manufacturing or technology industry’s, your either importing or exporting goods between here and into the Asia Pacific market.

For many businesses, paying for, 或接收来自海外的商品和服务的支付是通过电报或电汇付款通常在哪里交易,国际交易当事人需要付费前面货物发运前. 这可以管理你的现金流鉴于条款可不太灵活很困难. 通过采取了贸易融资安排可能有助于缓解这种.

已经花了近 6 在亚洲多年, AAP金融解决方案可以通过连接你到正确的专家在这方面协助执行.


1. 出口 & 进口贸易融资贷款

贸易融资贷款提前在任何本国货币或支付义务的外币, 使出口/进口融资事务的基础上其贸易承诺. 贸易融资贷款必须受到适当贸易单据证明一个真正的潜在贸易交易.

2. 银行担保

银行保函是由贷款人的协议,支付代表你指定金额, 企业主到指定的第三方 (主要). 这使您进入贸易或财务安排,而不需要耗去现金 (或安全) 为满足贸易或金融合同规定的条件.

3. 备用信用证

备用信用证担保付款, 由贷款人, 给受益人. 本产品是由出卖人或支持服务提供商另一个事务请求. 它只能在不履行或基础交易的默认情况下被激活.

4. 跟单信用证

这可以被定义为一个正规的承诺, issued by a lender, engaging to honour drawings provided certain requirements, which it contains, are complied with. Typically used by buyers and sellers that are yet to establish a strong relationship. The buyers usually require a prearranged documentary credit facility with their bank.

5. Bid Bonds

It is common business practice when tendering for large capital projects or services, that the tenderer will require a bid bond, giving both your business and the tenderer comfort that the ability to fund the work will be undertaken.

6. Performance Guarantees

Most capital works projects or service contracts put out to tender require the successful tenderer to lodge a Performance Bond after being awarded the contract. The Performance Bond is an indication that the applicant company has the necessary skills and capabilities to carry out the required work and comply with the agreed terms and conditions of the contract.

7. Structured Trade Finance

Structured Trade Finance (STF) is a specialised activity dedicated to the financing of high value commodity flows.

STF transactions are structured around the supply chain and commercial terms of customers, and are used largely in the commodity sector by producers, processors, traders and industrial end-users, and include:

  • warehouse financing (finance of commodity inventories)
  • borrowing base financing (finance of working capital assets on a revolving basis)
  • tolling/processing (finance the conversion or processing of raw commodities into value added products)
  • pre-export (prepayment) finance (medium to longer term requirements)