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Don’t Procrastinate or you won’t make money!

Don’t Procrastinate or you won’t make money!

I have discovered over recent months how procrastination can be one of the worst financial habits to have. It is quite common in all of us including myself! Procrastination is I think linked very much to optimism and this in itself can be a problem when it comes to buying an asset. We all think that the asset will be worth double what we paid for it in a very short period of time. Unfortunately, like we saw after the GFC this wasn’t the case and in many area’s around Australia where growth is not being seen, property prices have ye to recover and mortgages continue to be high. Procrastination is for the rich not for those struggling to meet their repayments. Don’t bury your head in the sand and say it will all be OK as the market has got to come back! Take action now and get yourself out of a potential financial mess. Sometimes we all can make a wrong call or 2 – after all we are only human! Another profitable opportunity will eventually come its way.


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