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Don’t be loyal to one Bank!

Don’t be loyal to one Bank!

Since the Global Finance Crisis of 2008, and as we see today with the major banks tightening their lending policies, many of the leading major banks have:

  • Increased margins on your business loans
  • Restricted their loan policies particularly around property development, commercial property investment, and cash flow lending.
  • Provided you either with a revolving door of business bankers or large centralised call centres to contact when you need finance

Our strategy is to provide you with an old-fashioned relationship banking service by spreading your business financing requirements across several lenders. This doesn’t mean you have to move your operating bank accounts, all it means is moving debt to get those bank margins and fees reduced. You would be amazed how much we could save you with this strategy and given that bank fees and interest are a major cost of your business, you should seriously think about using us.

A Recent Example

Recently we assisted a client who wanted to buy an investment property, zoned residential with a mix of residential and commercial use, where we saved over 1% on the interest rate or $116,000 over the term of the loan, and this client had been with his existing bank for over 40 years. The difference was that the successful lender chose to price this as a residential property, whilst the existing lender priced it on a commercial basis. This deal was closed within 25 working days and the best part of this story is the client now believes in the strategy to start divesting risk across several banks and has asked us to look at several other opportunities.

If you want to save your business thousands of dollars, unshackle yourself to just using one bank, and have access to finance experts with over 150+ years of business banking experience, then all you need to do is call us!

Best of all we will come to you.


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